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Thank you for choosing to take care of yourself with massage!  

As you can imagine, in these uncertain times of COVID-19, it is pretty impossible to maintain the required 6 ft physical distancing when giving or receiving a massage!   I will emphasize the reality that while I am taking extra precautions to make my practice safer, there simply is no risk-free environment in which to conduct business today.    Know that I am following new protocols to ensure your session is as safe as possible for both you and me.   

Please note that because of additional procedures and precautions, I currently have fewer available appointments. 

In following the CDC and other recommendations for the Massage industry, there are many new protocols and practices for me to follow.  Here are some of the new practices used to ensure your session is as safe as possible for both of us:

  • If either you or I are feeling any symptoms at all, the appointment needs to be rescheduled, and cancellation fees are waived. 
  • Both you and I will be wearing masks.  Please bring your own mask
  • The room and lobby are sanitized for each client (even more than previously!)
  • You will be asked a few COVID related health questions prior to your session. 
  • I have a special air purifier with UV technology that will be running all day.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to you in the lobby and in the session room.
  • Additional minor things will be communicated closer to your appointment.

Note:  Massage and Vaccinations:   

If you receive a COVID vaccination, please make sure you wait a week before receiving a massage.  Your body needs to process the vaccine and we don’t want to overload your system at that time.     (Actually, this pertains to any vaccination…. Including flu shots.)

If you’re ok with all this, than feel free to schedule a massage with me!   

You can schedule by clicking the Schedule Appointment button, or give me a call or text (715-977-1311).

If you have a specific day or time that you need, and you don’t see it on my schedule, please give me a call and I will do what I can to find what can work for both of us.

Thank you!

Stay healthy and safe, and I look forward to seeing you!

Mary Ann